Head On Photo Festival - Opening Night Sydney by Gillian Hyland

If you're in Sydney check out the Head On Photo Festival, it opens this evening and runs until the 20th of May. I'm delighted to have a featured exhibition of my 'Words In Sight' series displayed outdoors at The Royal Botanical Gardens. Check out their website for more info on my show and all the great artist talks and exhibitions running throughout the city!


Evening Standard by Gillian Hyland

Nice to see the Evening Standard promote the Eight From Nyne show opening this Thursday the 10th of May with Aftter Nyne Gallery at 45 Park Lane Hotel, to read more about the show click here

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45 Park Lane Exhibition by Gillian Hyland

Not long before the After Nyne Gallery Exhibition opens in 45 Park Lane hotel, it will be running 2 months with the opening night on the 10th of May, see invitation below for RSVP and further info

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Beijing Exhibiton by Gillian Hyland

I am delighted to have 'Unforgiven' exhibited at The Field Art Centre in Beijing for a month in collaboration with The Sunny Art Centre, for more information on the show and a short video click the link

Lisbon Exhibiton by Gillian Hyland

With just under 2 weeks to go I am very excited about the new solo show opening in Lisbon at the Galveias Palace from the 15th of March for 1 month, it will be wonderful to see the artworks displayed in such a beautiful historic building.


Aesthetica Art Prize by Gillian Hyland

Happy to have 2 of my photographs shortlisted for the art prize which will be announced in May, the chosen images are 'Night Owl' and 'The Road Less Travelled' , the magazine will release a feature on the artworks in the coming months.

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After Nyne Gallery Exhibition by Gillian Hyland

I am very excited about the opening night this evening with After Nyne Gallery and host by Studio 7 at their wonderful Shoreditch space, the show will run for a week there's still time to attend tonight or book in a viewing via - rsvp@afternyne.com

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Feature Shoot Article by Gillian Hyland

Lovely article just published featuring my photography and poems in support of my Kick Starter Campaign, very nicely written click here to see full feature http://bit.ly/2x89D8n

To See my Kick Starter Campaign click here http://kck.st/2xtfghn

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